My Mom has Melanoma by Abby

Reading messages from other melanoma warriors during the Pass the Parasol campaign.

A guest post by  my sweet daughter, Abigail Bishop, age 7. I didn’t edit her writing.  She refers to “mela-no-mas” because of our melanoma walk team name. We just don’t have the heart to correct her because it’s so stinking cute! I also love that I asked her to tell me “what it’s like when your mom has melanoma.” She came up with the term “my experience” all on her own!

 My experience with having a mom with mela-no-mas is very scary because i think she will always have mela-no-mas. I really hope my mom stops having skin cancer. My mom has skin cancer because she had a mole that changed on here back. To avoid skin cancer you have to get skin checks once a year and if you see a mole that changed tell your doctor.

Art Abby made for me after the melanoma walk. Nov 2013
When Mom has melanoma your friends will come walk with Team Mela-no-mas!
I am always sunsafe on safari!
Even if your mom has melanoma, she still might take you on your first trip to Tiffany and Co to try on jewelry!

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  1. Thanks Abby, for sharing your experience. Keep telling your story we are all better for listening. 🙂

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