More good news

I had my oncologist appointment and treatment yesterday. Everything is smaller and disappearing! Yay! He compared my armpit tumor from a year ago and said it was smaller than a baseball, larger than a golf ball a year ago. New scans show it reduced to a few pieces, largest is marble sized. Really fabulous news!
We also had parent/teacher conferences and both my children have worked very hard to achieve being on the principal’s honor roll. Then the Wildcats won a very hard-fought victory last night! Amazing game and fabulous day!
Thank you all for the continued prayers!

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  1. FANTASTIC……You are more than an ongoing inspiration….you are one of the bravest young people I have heard of or known. Such amazing, we’ll deserved news……HUGS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY and, since you brought it ip….GO WILDCATS!

  2. Such wonderful news Martha … I always think of you and your beautiful family .. Lots of happy hugs are being sent your way !!!

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